You Can Transform any Business Obstacle Into an Opportunity for Growth and Scale!
From the Desk of Randy Dewey
Toronto, Canada


Whether you are struggling with cash, competitors taking your people, lack of resources for new product launches, strategies that haven't worked out, or your biggest customer threatening to leave…

You are in the right place.

I know how difficult it must be for you right now, but I am delighted that you are reading this letter, especially if you’re serious about utilizing these business obstacles to pivot and transform your company, not just put out fires.

If you are ready to stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated with cashflow or profitability, not knowing which action to take...

And you are ready to embrace the moment, get a plan put together, and execute while leading, inspiring, focusing, and transforming the obstacles you face into opportunities...

Then I want to gift you with my Cash is King online course (worth $997) absolutely free.

Inside this course, I show you the exact strategies I’ve used to help companies get out of financial crises and lead their teams to the promised land of leveraging existing resources to enter into new markets with increased cashflow.

I’ve used these strategies with dozens of companies and growth in these companies was 2x to 7x their businesses. 


  • Cashflow is tight...
  • ​Your teams are stressed out...
  • ​The company strategy needs funding...
  • ​You have banks looming in the background...
  • ​Your biggest customer is threatening to leave...
  • ​Or you simply can feel the most recent impact from a market setback and global pandemic...

    I know how you feel!

    When your company is searching for a way to pivot, you probably feel like your only option is to make fast decisions that temporarily fix the immediate problems you're facing. But…

    Does that actually work for the long term?

    It can. But often won’t.

    What if you had an expert by your side to help you leverage the obstacle for future growth...
    With the FREE Cash is King Course, that’s exactly what you’ll have.

    But first, I want to share just a bit about myself.

    My Story

    My formal leadership journey started at age 29, when I earned my way into a management position in British Columbia. 

    However, I wanted more. I brazenly booked a five-minute appointment with the company’s CEO and asked her one single question:“

    I want your job, not today, but in 10 years. How do I get it?”

    I hoped for a nugget or two of advice, but instead, she cleared her schedule and gave me three hours.
    Inspired, I spent the next 10 years helping to build five separate companies. I moved through the VP level to C-Suite to CEO in all stages — start-ups, turnaround, mature market, and growth acceleration.

    I was still unprepared for what came next…

    The Board of Directors of a newly licensed Canadian bank asked me to act as the COO and senior-most advisor to the CEO. I entered this position without any prior experience in banking. 

    After getting up to speed, I developed a 100-day action plan.

    A mere four weeks after I started, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy triggering the notorious banking crisis that eroded $10 trillion from the market overnight… 

    Out the window went my 100-day plan.

    Our executive team, myself included, worked around the clock, even sleeping in the boardroom, ready for the opening of the bell in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong as we fought to keep our bank alive.

    The Canadian government watched our every move, hoping to stave off the failure of any Canadian banks. 

    Around the world, banks fell like dominoes.

    And then the unthinkable happened…

    Officials from the government entered our building and removed our CEO from his position—without warning—for a questionable trade that could have led to the failure of the bank. 

    We feared this would lead us to collapse.

    At that moment, I became the de facto bank president! 

    It was a “battlefield promotion.”

    If I made a critical mistake, the government would walk in and shut us down. 

    They wouldn’t let us fail… 

    They would shut us down instead.

    Anxiety with the staff reached a peak and I sensed all eyes were on me. I felt everyone’s fear. 

    Could I walk this company through the financial meltdown? 

    Would we lose the bank license? 

    Was the government going to just shut us down? 

    It was the highest-pressure moment of my career.

    They don’t teach situations like this in business school or leadership books; you can only learn it through trial by fire. The next six months were a harrowing experience in leadership.

    I relied on—and applied—everything I knew about business combined with my convictions about faith and belief. 

    My team and I led the bank through the worst financial crisis in modern history, and all our employees kept their jobs.

    The bank experience was another turning point for me. 

    Next, as the Vice-Chairman and CEO, I led many organizations through turnarounds, financings, IPOs, acquisitions, divestitures, carve-outs, growth initiatives, restructurings, and capital expansions.

    After 3 decades and 10 business turnarounds — adding over $1.8 billion in corporate value collectively — I learned one unequivocal fact: the “unthinkable” crisis is a cycle of “when” not “if.”

    So, I launched my Executive Consulting, Coaching and Advisory business, LIFT Leadership, to take my leadership and crisis management methodologies to the world. 

    Retails for $9,000 and there are payment options

    Whether you are struggling with cash, lack of resources for new product launches, people leaving the company, strategies that haven't worked, or your biggest customer threatening to leave, as a leader, you must embrace the resulting events and view them as an opportunity to pivot your business, or it will crush you.

    That’s what the Cash is King Course is all about... 


    Before you can make any big moves, you have to understand the situation.

    And I don’t just mean understanding that something is wrong.

    You need to know your numbers, learn the best and most effective financial crisis management strategies, and know how to objectively assess your situation.

    Then, you’ll learn how to implement these strategies in ways directly related to capital and cash flow.

    Finally, we’ll work on remaining vigilant in the future, ensuring that you’re ready for any financial crisis that comes your way.

    Here’s Everything You’re Getting in
    The Cash is King Course For Free...

    ​The Cash is King Course is an online course with ten modules and over five hours of online training.

    In the course, I’ll walk you through every module and strategy, step-by-step, so by the end of the course you’ll know exactly what you need to do…

    — To focus on what makes lasting change...

    —To run a profitable business...

    — To turn a crisis into opportunity...

    — To become adept at pivoting any company you lead in less than 100 days...

    I’ve taken all of the strategies that I’ve learned and created over the past 30 years and put them into one course so that you can streamline your process and implement the changes you need in days, not months or years.

    Let’s take a closer look at what the course includes.

    Part 1: Understanding The Situation

    • Modules 1, 2, and 3 focus on understanding the situation that you’re currently in so that you can make the best decisions based on the right information.
    • Which financial crisis management strategies actually work? This is a common question that many leaders feel embarrassed to ask. If your crisis management strategies aren’t working the way you want them to, you’re in the right place.
    • ​Learn the foundational elements and potential crises that will require you to liberate more capital, serving as the basis for your approach.
    • Learn how to objectively assess your situation. In order to know where you are and how vulnerable the company is, you need to step back and contemplate the situation.
    • ​The top 10 financial crisis management strategies that every business leader needs to know if they want to have a financially healthy business.

    Part 2: Find Sources of Capital & Liberate Cash

    • Modules 4, 5, 6, and 7 are all about capital and cash flow so that you can learn how to get out of a negative cashflow situation in less than 100 days.
    • Learn the approach to cost reductions and the impact those changes have on cashflow and ultimate profitability so that you can reduce costs and liberate cash at the same time.
    • Understand the working capital your business needs to grow and scale through a financial crisis.
    • ​Consider how to look at inventory from a cash perspective so that you can ensure those that are responsible within your business for operations, procurement, and sales are driving the improvements required to engineer out every WIP pile, taking down inventory total value, consolidating vendors, negotiating consignment deals, and removing waste in the total operating cycle.
    • ​The 10 quickest ways to source cash and why internal sources of capital are critical to your success.

    Part 3: Work out the Issues and Remain Vigilant

    • The final modules, 8, 9, and 10, all focus on solving the problem you’re facing and ensuring that your business is financially set to grow and scale, now and in the future.
    • ​Understand the 9 major reasons for cashflow problems and the top 6 ways to improve your company’s cashflow in the short- and long-term.
    • ​Learn the importance of your finance team and how to identify whether or not your finance team is performing the way you need them to.
    • ​Figure out the top 10 areas of major impact on working capital and how to liberate cash from within.
    • ​Learn my 5 governing principles to help guide your actions and enable you to have a more successful company, now and in the future.
    I hope you’re getting excited.

    In this course, you’re given everything you need to look at your numbers, understand where you’re at, and learn what you need to do to get your business back in order.

    Want some more good news?

    It doesn’t stop there.

    Along with the Cash is King course, I'm going to give you TWO bonus courses - absolutely free! 

    Yes, you read that correctly!

    Here’s the thing.

    All of my courses work best when they’re used together…

    While Cash is King is best for tackling financial crises, there are other strategies to leading an incredibly successful business that I don’t cover in the Cash is King course…

    But I do cover them in my other online courses, Calm Under Fire and Growth and Scale.

    Why give them to you for free?

    Because I truly want you and your business to succeed and I know that you can with my support…

    And because I believe in my programs and I’ve seen them work with businesses over and over again…

    But I know that my strategies work best when used together.

    So, let’s take a look at your bonuses, the bonuses that when used with Cash is King will help you accelerate your goals and transform, grow, and scale your business like you’ve always dreamed of.

    So, let’s take a look at your bonuses, the bonuses that when used with Cash is King will help you accelerate your goals and transform, grow, and scale your business like you’ve always dreamed of.

    Bonus #1: Calm Under Fire Online Course
    (Valued at $497) 

    Navigating your business through financial distress is unnerving. 

    Trust me, I get the struggle that occurs when you need to stay Calm Under Fire. When all you want to do is quickly fix the problems in front of you, put out the fire, and go back to the way things were… 

    Unfortunately, every C-Suite executive knows that’s not how business works. 
    The reality is, financial and business distress are right around the corner, and it’s not a matter of if, but when it strikes.  You need to be prepared to deal with a crisis head on. 

    So, what do you do when there are too many problems for one person to handle?

    How do you stay Calm Under Fire and make decisions that are good for your company now and its future growth?

    How do you prepare for a crisis when you have no idea what it is or how it’s going to affect your company?

    I’ll teach you all of that and much more in my Calm Under Fire online course (that you’re going to get for free!).
    • Access 5 online modules and over 2 hours of training from me that teach you the vital steps to managing through a financial business crisis.
    • Quickly figure out which strategies you can deploy to keep you grounded and speak with confidence to your team while providing clear direction. 
    • Learn my quick assessment techniques and take my proven financial stress test so that you can understand your financial situation and prepare for the future with the right information.
    • ​Understand how to generate cash from within and how to manage and maximize cost reduction strategies and processes.
    • ​Do you access capital outside your company or first try to access your own capital? I’ll teach you the quickest sources of capital, internal and external, so that you’re never in a bind for cash. 
    • Lead with confidence and determination after you learn how to provide decisive, insightful, and compassionate leadership and swift action to avoid a disaster and move forward through any obstacle.

    Bonus #2: Growth and scale Online Course (Valued at $497) 

    Every CEO, Founder, and C-suite executive wants to be on the winning team and see growth and scale in their company…

    But the most exhilarating wins come from a journey filled with risk, uncertainties, opportunities, and many highs and lows.

    If you want to grow and scale your business, there is no road to an easy victory. 
    You will have to tackle a lot of risks along the way. My point?

    Growth and scale require a game plan, a great team, a winning mindset, and a belief in what the team — your team — is capable of achieving.

    And it requires you: A leader willing to forge the path.

    In the Growth and Scale course (the one you’re going to be getting for free), you’ll create the mindset and determination you need to leverage your intelligence and make strategic considerations for future growth and scale.
    • The course includes 5 modules and over 2 hours of video training with me on mindset, leadership, strategic direction, and much, much more.
    • Understand why mindset matters and how to create the mindset you need to achieve victory over and over again.
    • Learn how to expand strengths, evaluate risks, and identify areas of expansion so that you have all of the foundational elements you need to grow and scale.
    • ​Answer my 3 key questions to help you unpack and unlock different innovation and growth opportunities.
    • Learn 5 distinct areas to tap into that will help you get to a place where you can uncover a growth breakthrough.  
    • Figure out how to streamline and optimize your business to support a major scale so that you’re not overwhelmed when it’s time to scale.
    Sound good?

    Here's the Catch...

    Now, you’re probably wondering, “Randy, why are you giving me all of this for free?”

    Well, you’re not completely mistaken about there being a reason behind all of these freebies.

    While I would love to give away these three courses (valued at $1,991) for free and leave it at that…
    There is a small catch.

    I’m giving away all of these programs in hopes that you will join my LIFT Leadership Mastermind.

    What’s the LIFT Leadership Mastermind?

    I’m glad you asked.

    The LIFT Leadership Mastermind is a 6-month program where we will tackle business challenges and strategies to help get both you and your business out of crisis and paint the future of your business.

    The thing is, you could just go through my other three online courses by yourself (the ones I’m giving you for free)...

    But if you were to do that, you’d be missing a huge part of what’s needed for you to succeed long term…

    While my online courses walk you through financial crisis management and growth and scale strategies…

    There’s really nothing that can beat live coaching, brainstorming, and strategy and execution sessions with me and a group of like-minded CEOs, COOs, C-Suite Executives, and Founders.

    If you really want to learn the strategies needed to grow, scale, and paint the future of your business…

    And if you really want to be able to execute these strategies seamlessly…

    Then I’ll see you inside the LIFT Leadership Mastermind.

    Wondering why it’s called the LIFT Leadership Mastermind?

    L - LEAD with Passion

    I - INSPIRE with passion.

    F - FOCUS on what makes a lasting change.

    T - TRANSFORM obstacles into opportunities.

    LIFT is a method that I developed and have used with hundreds of people to help them pivot out of crisis to grow and scale.

    It’s the basis of my book, When the Unthinkable Happens: How to Lead Your Team and Pivot Your Business for Growth and Opportunity  (which you’ll also receive for FREE when you join the mastermind)… 

    And it’s what I’ll use to teach you how to pivot quickly and transform any crisis into strategic growth.

    You can become a LIFT leader.

    STEP #1: LEAD
    LIFT Leadership starts with you. The first step is to reignite the passion you have for the business beyond the current crisis you are facing.

    Inspire your people, which creates an environment that causes all stakeholders to rally around you to embrace the one unified plan that aligns the collective energy of the company.

    STEP #3: FOCUS
     When you focus on what makes lasting change you stop fixing problems and discover strategies that generates momentum and builds a brighter future.

    Turn the obstacles into opportunities and pivot the business in 100 days which will harness strategic growth opportunities and drive long-term value.

    I have one question for you…

    Are you ready to transform your business?

    If you answered yes, then keep reading.

    Here’s What You Get When You Join
    The LIFT Leadership Mastermind

    It all starts with you're welcome kit, shipped directly to your home.

    Upon joining the LIFT Leadership Mastermind, I’ll send you a tangible welcome kit, shipped to your home address.

    Most of the course deliverables will be online, so I wanted to do something extra special for you and add even more value to the Mastermind.

    So, when you join, I’ll ship you a welcome kit, which will include a copy of my book, When the Unthinkable Happens: How to Lead Your Team and Pivot Your Business for Growth and Opportunity.

    The welcome kit will start you off with the foundations you need to go through the mastermind course successfully.

    Online Course Videos To Paint The Future

    As you already know, you’ll be receiving the Cash is King, Calm Under Fire, and Growth and Scale courses absolutely free when you join the LIFT Leadership Mastermind.

    The mastermind has a few moving parts to it, and it all starts with the welcome kit that I mentioned above.

    One of the most IMPORTANT parts of being able to pivot your business and turn crisis into opportunity is knowing how to strategize and execute what I’ve taught you…

    Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you to fend for yourself.

    I’ve created 30 modules, over 15 hours of videos, that will walk you through exactly what you need to do to execute everything you’re learning.

    Sound like a lot? Well, don’t worry. We will go through just a few simple steps each month so it’s not overwhelming. Hey, I get it. You’re busy and…

    I believe the time you spend... just a few hours each week will make all the difference.

    From human capital and organizational talent to extraction, OSPS, and accountability, these modules (along with the rest of the mastermind and courses) cover everything you could possibly need to achieve the success you’re looking for.

    But if you still have questions, don’t worry, because you’ll also be getting access to…

    Live Weekly Coaching Calls With Me
    & Access to My Private Facebook Group

    While the modules and book I give you will cover pretty much everything you need to know…

    You’re probably still going to have questions and challenges that you need help with.

    And I know how important it is for you to get your questions answered and to get them answered fast.

    That’s why I’ve created two avenues for you to ask questions, strategize, and brainstorm with me and like-minded peers.

    #1: Exclusive Live Weekly Coaching Calls With Me
    There really is nothing that beats live coaching, especially when you have those pesky specific questions that you’re stumped about and just can’t figure out.

    Every month, I’ll hold a four-hour live coaching call, exclusive to you and the others in the LIFT Leadership Mastermind.

    This is the time where you and the other mastermind participants can work through your biggest challenges.

    I hold these calls because I know how valuable your time is…

    Instead of spending hours, weeks, or months trying to find the right answer to your question…

    All you need to do is log on to the coaching call, and I’ll help you work out your biggest obstacles.

    If you can’t wait until the coaching call, you’ll also have access to…

    #2: The Private Facebook Group Community for Mastermind Members Only

    Sometimes, a question can’t wait.

    You can always pop your questions in the private Facebook group and myself or one of my team members will get back to you.

    But the Facebook group is much more than a Q&A platform.

    It’s a place for you to talk about your frustrations and challenges with your peers…

    A place for you to celebrate your big wins and encourage others…

    And a place for you to gain support from people dealing with the exact same issues that you’re dealing with.

    It can be lonely at the top!

    But when you join the LIFT Leadership Mastermind, you won’t have to do this alone anymore.

    Here’s A Recap of Everything That You’ll Get When You Join The LIFT Leadership Mastermind

    • Cash is King online course ($997) FREE
    • Calm Under Fire online course ($497) FREE
    • ​Growth and Scale online course ($497) FREE
    • My book, When the Unthinkable Happens: How to Lead Your Team and Pivot Your Business for Growth and Opportunity ($29) FREE
    • ​30 Additional Pre-Recorded Modules focused on strategy and execution to help you paint the future of your business ($1,997) FREE
    • LIFT Leadership Welcome Kit delivered directly to your door when you join the program
    • ​Weekly Live Coaching Calls with me to work out your biggest challenges and execute what you’re learning
    • Access to a Private Facebook Group to get your questions answered and join a community of like-minded business leaders 

    Not too bad, eh?

    Especially considering when you add it all up, you’d be spending over $12,000 if you were to buy all of these things separately.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to offer this deal forever.

    I really do believe that all of my courses work best when used together…

    But I’m only offering this promotion now because I know that a lot of businesses are still suffering because of the global pandemic.

    I want to reach as many people as I possibly can, so I’m offering this deal (with all of the free bonuses) in hopes that I can do that.

    If it fills up, I’ll have to take the offer down.

    If you’re interested, I’d suggest that you act now,
    because this deal won’t be available forever.

    If you are ready to take the first step you need to transform your business…

    If you are tired of putting out fire after fire with no solid strategy on how to paint the future of the promised land…

    If you don’t know what you need to do to get out of a financial crisis or negative cashflow situation…

    If you have board members asking when things are going to change or unhappy teams…

    If you want to be able to overcome any obstacle and transform any crisis into strategic growth…

    Then you know exactly what you need to do.

    I hope to see you in the LIFT Leadership Mastermind, where you will learn everything I’ve gone over on this page and so much more.

    Retails $9,000 with discounts and payment options

    Oh, and if you want some proof…

    Here’s what some of the founders, CEOs, COOs, and C-Suite executives that I’ve worked with have to say:

    Steve Levitt
    of the Board

    When tensions are high around the table, he maintains a calm approach and focuses on what actions are required to resolve the issue.

    “… courage under fire is an understatement.”

    “… grace under pressure, with incredible mental speed and processing several steps ahead of the group, but his leadership style sparks engagement and he helps (us) avoid the pitfalls.”

    Tom Cochrane
    President & COO
    Packaging Company

    From shop floor to boardroom he is respectful and very considerate of others’ perspectives … is as sound as I’ve seen in my career 30+ years … pleasure to work for.

    “… patient and resolute about resolving issues…manages to results, not methods.”

    Barry Richards
    Investment Banker
    Private Equity Fund

    A pleasure to work with and a loyal and supportive partner

    "A resourceful leader under any business environment with excellent communications skills, including the rare ability to be a good listener"

    ..reinvigorated the company when appointed CEO and has made a number of masterful moves to improve operation efficiency"

    Let's do this!

    Retails $9,000 with discounts and payment options

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