"When The Unthinkable Happens"

Pivot Obstacles Into Opportunities!

Exclusively for CEOs, C-suite Execs & Founders: This Wall Street Journal best-selling book is a proven roadmap to lead your team as you pivot your businesses from flatline to growth in 100 days or less. 

These step-by-step strategies have helped 10 companies add over $1.8 billion in corporate value collectively.

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What People Are Saying About Randy:

“We would have never survived the last two years if these changes were not made. Our future was very uncertain, and our entire company was enabled within a matter of weeks.” 

-President, Tier 1 Automotive Company
"I cannot say enough about the value of my business relationship with Randy. He has been a mentor, advisor, role model, friend, and coach, and I cannot thank him enough.” 

-Harry Todd, Chief Operating Officer, Printing Company
"… grace under pressure, with incredible mental speed and processing several steps ahead of the group, but his leadership style sparks engagement and he helps [us] avoid the pitfalls.” 

-Steve Levitt, Chairman of the Board
“… overwhelming desire to succeed…will not allow anything to prevent achievement.” 

-Ryan Robinson, Group Leader, Tubular Division
"...reinvigorated the company when appointed CEO and has made a number of masterful moves to improve operation efficiency." 

-Barry Richards, Investment Banker, Private Equity Fund
"...accomplished in one session what we struggled with for over two years." 

-Doug Hahn, President & CEO, Steel Company
Proven Strategies To Lead & Inspire Your Team
Randy Dewey - Author
"What I’ve learned in three decades of business turnarounds is that any obstacle is an opportunity — and that transformation is only the beginning of the story...Leaders never throw up their hands and give up. When a challenge occurs, real leaders are already working on inspiring the team to focus on a solution."
- Randy Dewey
C-Suite veteran and Author 
From The Desk Of Randy Dewey
I know how difficult it is when you’re faced with a business challenge that can impact your future and your company’s future. 

When the unthinkable occurs, many C-Suite Executives make fast decisions that will fix current problems and often you miss out on the opportunity to leverage the challenge for future growth. 

To achieve true success, you have to move from fire-fighting to strategic visionary so you can pivot the challenge and create sustainable business value. 

After 3 decades of leading company turnarounds, I've learned that the unthinkable challenge will occur - it is not a matter of "if," it is a matter of "when." 

We all saw this as recently as the global pandemic that no one predicted. Whether you are struggling with dwindling cash reserves, lack of resources for new product launches, or your biggest customer is threatening to leave, as a leader, you must embrace the resulting challenge as an opportunity to pivot your business.  

When it comes to the pivot, time is of the essence. In my book, I'll teach you how to pivot your business challenge in 100 days by deploying the L.I.F.T. leadership method. You'll learn how to:
  • Lead with passion 
  • ​Inspire your team
  • ​Focus on lasting change
  • ​Transform obstacles into opportunities
I believe when you leverage any challenge or obstacle for future growth, you win and your company wins. 

The best part? I want to offer my book to you for free - all you need to do is pay shipping and handling. Don’t let your career go sideways by only seeing what is in front of you when you can be the hero that pivoted the business into a brighter future for you, your customers, shareholders, and the company as a whole - order the book today. 
What's Inside the Book?
  • Chapter 1: Understand why values are critical, how to become a principled leader, learn 5 ways to bond with your team over principles, and how to turn your principles into a tangible culture and brand
  • ​Chapter 2: The four L.I.F.T relationship pillars, develop your 90-day dashboard, and learn how to deal with incompetent performers. 
  • Chapter 3: Learn how to be lean and turn on a dime to seize any opportunity using the L.I.F.T. lean cycle.
  • Chapter 4: Utilize the four pillars of actionable decisions to transform, understand how to make tough choices, and learn the four pillars of judgement.
  • ​Chapter 5: Transform performance with measures and enrichment, learn how to train team engagement, and implement the rule of five to L.I.F.T. your team. 
  • ​​Chapter 6: Learn the five essential metrics, understand why EBITDA is not the metric that matters, and identify whether your business is ready to face financial storms using the L.I.F.T. financial stress test.
  • ​​Chapter 7: What Agile squads are and why you definitely need them, learn the top tips to great huddles, and get my how-to on monthly town halls.
  • Chapter 8: Why everyone needs an enemy, how to know and understand your enemy, and a L.I.F.T exercise to figure out what you need to know. 
  • Chapter 9: Why distillations and loglines are critical for L.I.F.T. leaders, how to do loglines with ease.
  • ​Chapter 10: Apex predators - why A-List sales are hunters, not farmers, why marketing and sales loglines should be the same, and L.I.F.T tips for the Apex sales rep.
  • ​Chapter 11: The three D's of L.I.F.T. strategic tactical planning, learn the eight key points of the one page business plan, and understand why many strategies fail. 
  • ​Chapter 12: Understand how courage can be learned, how tenacity is the equal partner to bravery, and how to develop the habits of courage, tenacity, bravery, and more. 
  • ​​Chapter 13: Learn and implement your personal pivot to success, understand the 100 percent rule, and write your personal manifesto in one page. 
  • Chapter 14: Think like a L.I.F.T. leader, and recap and implement all of the L.I.F.T. fives - from feedback without pain to the predator rule of five.
  • Chapter 15: How to pivot a company in four stages, go over the first 100 days of a pivot in detail, and understand how to avoid common pitfalls in the pivot.
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